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FEND-TB honors World TB Day

Updated: Mar 28

The theme of World TB Day this year is “Invest to End TB. Save Lives” with a focus on promoting more investment in TB care and research. To honor World TB Day and the success FEND is achieving through our consortium, we have reached out to several sites asking the question:

How does the FEND-TB program and research into improved diagnostics contribute to the mission to “Invest to End TB, and Save Lives”?


“Despite being an old disease and causing millions of deaths worldwide, tuberculosis remains neglected. In many parts of the world, we rely on a diagnostic test first invented more than 100 years ago. The FEND-TB consortium aims to test new and innovative diagnostics for TB. These diagnostics have the potential to make a dramatic impact on the TB epidemic. FEND-TB also aims to evaluate new tests for vulnerable patient groups, where better TB diagnosis is urgently needed.” - Associate Prof. Helen Cox – University of Cape Town

Kampala, UGANDA

“TB diagnosis has traditionally been a nightmare requiring lengthy and unreliable tests. However, with the investment in TB diagnostics research and technology, a patient can now walk into a health facility and walk out with same day diagnosis and treatment.” - Dr. Lydia Nakiyingi – Makerere University College of Health Sciences

Lima, PERU

As part of World TB Day, children who have been impacted by TB were asked to submit posters for a drawing contest to help educate, empower, and inspire public health awareness. Here is some of their artwork:

World Tuberculosis Day

Take your medicine at the indicated time. Avoid contagion, cover yourself when coughing.

Protect me mom!

Mom! Give me my medication at the right time. I want my lungs to be healthy. Together we can cure and prevent childhood TB. Breathe life united against this fight because I love myself and (together) we will get ahead for a Peru and a world without Tuberculosis.

Tuberculosis is very contagious; can attack any organ; but mainly the lungs.

It is caused by Bacillus Koch bacteria.




Types of TB: Pulmonary and extra pulmonary


-cough with phlegm


-weight loss

-night sweats


Remember the treatment is free.

Tuberculosis is cured by finishing treatment. Let’s eliminate TB!

United to End Tuberculosis

TB can be cured…

discrimination too…

World TB Day, the Fight Against Tuberculosis

March 24th

We're going to get out of this like we got out of all of them. From: me. To: you. If someone else can do it, I can too; and if no one can, I will be the first. Step by step and the process is complete... The pain you feel today is the strength you will feel tomorrow. To start what you've never had, you will have to do what you have never done.

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