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Dr. Salgame is Professor in the Department of Medicine, Center for Emerging and Re-Emerging Pathogens, Rutgers University. She is Director of the MD/PhD Program and the Graduate Medical Research Program.  Her research focusses on Mycobacterium tuberculosis and host immune mechanisms that protect against infection and progression to disease. Her research team also studies the biology and host response of clinical strains of M. tuberculosis with differing transmissibility. Her group conducts these investigations in humans and in animal models. She and her collaborators also perform biomarker studies at several international sites. Dr. Salgame is on the Editorial Board of Infection and Immunity and is also Associate editor for PLOS Pathogens. In addition to her research pursuits, Dr. Salgame has managed and led a range of science training programs. She is Program Director on a T32 training grant in Infection, Immunity and Inflammation.  She is regularly invited to teach in national and international immunology courses