Assoc.Prof Nguyen Viet Nhung have been working in the field of TB and TB/HIV diagnosis and treatment for more than 25 years and am ideally suited to serve as Co-PI for Dr. Graviss’ proposal entitled “Real-time clinical test of Mycobacterium tuberculosis-derived exosome"". As the first Manager of the Vietnam National Tuberculosis (TB) Program and Director of the National Lung Hospital, He has actively participated in the development of strategic research on TB and lung diseases. He is keenly aware of the need for new strategies to improve TB control. Dr. Graviss’ proposal provides a highly innovative approach to early and accurate detection of TB disease in children.

As the Director of the National Lung Hospital and the Manager of the Vietnam National Tuberculosis Program, He is leading the clinical and research teams in multiple collaborative studies throughout the nation with the goal of TB elimination.He has completed a number of collaborative studies with universities and research centers from the United States, Australia, France, the Netherlands, South Korea, and Japan. He has had a particularly strong and productive partnership with Dr. Payam Nahid since 2009, establishing a TB Trials Consortium (TBTC) site at the National Lung Hospital. His goal is to have his site known internationally for high quality TB research. Very recently, His team has been awared the TBTC Top Enrolling Site award for being #2 top enrolling site for Study 31/A5349.