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Dr Van Anh Nguyen has joined FIND since June 2019, taking the role of FIND representative in Viet Nam. She has 23-year research experience in the field of TB research including microbiology, molecular epidemiology, molecular mechanism of drug resistance, development and evaluation of diagnostic kits. Van Anh has led multiple projects, including a Vietnam-France project for the development of DNA chips for multi-drug resistant TB diagnosis, an international multi-centre project "TB Molecular epidemiology in Southeast Asia", led a research network on "Biodiversity and infectious diseases in Southeast Asia", with researchers from 17 institutions of Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and France. She has extensive knowledge in epidemiologic and clinical research, teaching and research supervision experience. She received BSc in Biology (National University of Vietnam), MPH in International Health (Copenhagen University) and PhD in Public Health (National Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology).