Dr. Kisitu is a clinician, a public health specialist and a researcher at Makerere University School of Medicine. His career interests include conducting and promoting clinical, operational and implementation science research with emphasis on infectious diseases (including HIV/TB), nutrition health in children and adolescents with HIV. He has over 11 years’ experience in pediatric HIV care and management of which 5 years have been dedicated to research in the same field. He is an investigator on several successful collaborative (multi- institutional, multidisciplinary, intra and inter country) studies/research projects (including TB/HIV research collaborations). Currently, he is Research Manager/Coordinator for Baylor College of Medicine Children’s Foundation. Dr. Kisitu serves as the Clinical Research Coordinator and Investigator of the pediatric TB diagnostics protocols based at Makerere University. He provides years of experience in research and clinical care of children that will enhance pediatric diagnostic evaluation.