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David Hom is an epidemiologist and Director of Research Operations in the Center for Emerging Pathogens, Division of Infectious Diseases at Rutgers University – New Jersey Medical School. He serves as Program Manager for the FEND-TB program, working and directing the Operations group at Rutgers, FIND and MUSC, the clinical sites and collaborating partners towards implementation, conduct, logistics, quality assurance of the proposed diagnostic platform reviews.

He has over 30 years’ experience in the conduct and coordination of phase I/II IND clinical trials of TB immunoadjuvants (NIH TB Research Unit), evaluating TB diagnostics (NIAID TB Clinical Diagnostics Research Consortium) in endemic settings, HIV/AIDS (research and treatments for mother-to-child transmission, setting up and conducting Africa’s first phase I vaccine trial), and conducting large scale TB natural history/risk of infection and host and pathogen biomarker discovery studies – at sites in Uganda, South Africa, India, Brazil (ICIDR, TB Research Unit, RePORT India), now extending into multi-regional collaborative initiatives of RePORT International in Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, the Philippines and South Africa.

At Rutgers University, he leads a team of 10 dedicated professionals in clinical study coordination, data capture/management, logistics, specimen banking and pre- and post-award management across ten programs working in ten countries across five continents.